Saturday, August 14, 2010

in reply to Alex

i cant find your message hahaha i'm sooooo sorry, baby. >.<

my reply;

when you said it like that, yeah, i guess i'm just a bit stupid haha i just cant live without my stupidity. Alex, tell me why i'm like this. why? T___T i cant understand why i would always just always forgive people. yeah, i guess its hard to be bad. =[

i think i'm okay. i'm just, very tired. =[ and no one seems to understand. it's hard, yeah but i have to just live with it. =[ there's a time when i thought everything is really too much for me. i thought of just biting my wrist off but then i cant coz i have so many things to do. and i cant die yet.

alex, i missed you T___T sorry i didnt reply to your messages earlier, i was busy. i really am. but i am happy everytime i got your messages. they are love <3 and i love it when you always make me happy ^^

yeah, I'M SO FREAKING IN LOVE WITH ZE:A NOW! xDDD ahhh, you need to listen to them, they're cool and they're just super cute <33333 i dont know how to live without them. haha. which reminds me, i still have to practice more to be like them. i needed a vocal lesson and dance lesson but i dont know how where and when to get it.

i got so much love love <3 haha you know if i dont have my bf i'd jump on you :P <333

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