Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what should i do with this month paycheck

okay, since i'm obviously lacking too many useful brain cells to remember some stuff, i'd figured i'd write this one down. haha. just for my personal preference.
to those who're reading, please ignore me haha
i know YOU're READING, alex. you've always been my loyal stalker, you creepy head. just dont bother me later haha. btw, ILU <333 Thanks for being there, always <3

okay. what i really need.

- shower cream
- shampoo
- hair conditioner
- facial foam
- face moisturizer
- skin moisturizer
- pay my old bill (dang, i'm gonna lose lots here T___T)
- pay my school tuition fees (here too... T___T why?????)
- Wooyoung photobook (yes, it's in NEED)
- new school shoes

what i want.

- Nickhkun wristband
- lipgloss
- hair curler
- hair mask
- sling bag
- small bag for my brother
- new shoes? yeah
- ah! Big Bang's new DVD!
- ice cream :DDDD

and everything in my wish list. haha

btw, today is the first day of the fasting month. so, yeah today, i'm fasting haha
so, in fasting month, i'll have to keep these things in check.

1. dont talk dirty (a hard task? well when i'm with my fangirl group mwahahaha.)

2. dont think dirty stuff (even harder haha. esp when i'm looking at Dongjun's abs or Kevin's chest.. fghjsdbvshj ahhh.. there we go again. so, Kevin and Dongjun should be banned! haha. Wooyoung too! safe idols to stalk... lemme see...
-Hyungshik? (no.. eventhough he's cute... sometimes... he look damn hot *drools*)
-Teen Top members (yeah. coz they are too young, i dont feel a thing watching them hahahaahaha!)
-Dongho (awww... cute Dongho is completely safe to drool over ^^)
-Minhwan (yeah :D)
and more? haha if i keep on listing, it will be ten whole page kekekeke
lets do the idols you shouldnt watch now hehehe
-2PM members. yeah. definitely cant. coz they're all hot. with their hot bods, muscles, abs, and expression.. gahhh no way i can resist. T_T
-ZE:A members. too haha maybe except Minwoo? (oh Ila, stop staring at their chest and their thigh!!!!)
-MBLAQ. damn. ever since Joon shows his bareback and his shower shots, I cant think other thing when i saw him other then... smex :PPPP but i guess seungho and GO is safe kehkeh
ahh I'm getting lazy so this ends here. not to mention im thinking stuff that i shouldnt haha

3. dont listen to dirty stuff (that reminds me not to listen to MIROTIC. but i love that song D: WHY???? T_T I wanna hear their voice and sexy dance in the vid. XIAH, YOU'RE HOT DOING THE DANCE even when I love Jaejoong the most mwahahahahaha)

4. dont stare at food for too long. (yeah... coz i love eating.. fasting is hard for me D:)

5. no writing porn or smut. (WHYYYYYYYYY? WAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????? i still have a fic to finish... T_T)

6. dont read smut (WAEEEEEEEE??? T___T NOOOOOO)

7. make sure that you completed all of your prayers. (dear God, i'm sorry i'm such an unfaithful follower T__T i will do my best this month)

8. dont complain (ahhhh but i need to complain to release my stress T____T)

9. always smile and do good deeds (i will... try...)

10. make sure you never cheat (this one is easy ^^)

ending my rambling.. haha so many things to check ughhhh
with school and work... and online works... i'll die soon.
if only money comes to me... T_T then i wouldnt have to work... maybe i should marry a rich guy. or maybe get a sugar daddy for that matter mwahaahahahahaha <----materialistic bastard

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